Self Pay, Access Plans and Rx Badge Holders get Prescriptions at no added charge

Bionic Badge

Bionic Badge holders get 50% off money owed to us. 

Points Badge

With this badge, you accrue 5 points per visit. At a 100 points your earn a free visit

Loyalty Badge

Loyalty badge holders get 25% off our self pay rates twice a year

Debt Crusher

Debt Crusher badge holders get our Bronze Access plan with the one time set up and first 3 months fee waived

Waiver Badge

Waiver badge holders get one free sick visit or sports physical per year

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Our Reward Badges are a Foundation Initiative

Our Badge Rewards are for self pay patients, patients with a pedpost access plan or app members with 10 or more invited friends ONLY that have downloaded our App. Other badges not displayed are VIP Badge, Money back Badge and Holiday Badge. A VIP Badge holder will not wait in line and pays outstanding bills at a time convenient to him or her. Money back Badge holders get 10% of fees paid at point of service. Holiday Badge holders get 30% off each holiday they choose Pedpost as their preferred Urgent Care. To get a reward badge, you must download our mobile App and Invite your friends.

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