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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer the Covid-19 test?

Yes, we offer 3 types of Covid-19 tests. 1) Rapid Covid Antibody test. This is a 10 minute blood test that checks for antibodies your body produces in response to a covid infection. It tells you whether you have had recent (after 7-10days) or past (weeks to months ago) covid infection. 2) Rapid Covid Antigen test. This is a 10 minute nose swab test that checks for a specific protein on the surface of the Covid virus in you nose. It tells you whether you have Covid infection Now or Acutely. 3) Covid PCR test: This is the gold standard and it is the most accurate. Although it takes 4-7 days for results.

Do you accept patients of all ages and insurance types?

Yes we accept children and young adults ages 0-50 years. We may see adults greater than 50 years on a case by case basis. Call 844-733-7678 or (844) PED-POST if you are above 50years and need to be seen by us. We accept most major insurances. On our home page (pedpost.com), click on cotact us to see insurances we accept. We do not accept medicaid, medicare or kaiser permanente, however, we offer 50% off our self pay rates to medicaid, medicare and kaiser recipients.

Are you equipped to take X-rays and read them?

Yes we have a stationary digital X-ray machine in-doors and can take same day films for a host of conditions including but not limited to suspected fractures, retained foreign body, pneunomia, cervical spine films for whiplash injuries, skull films, sinus films and more. We can read xrays but our reads are never final because we get another read from a board certified radiology group called "teleradiology" by sending your films to them electronically and they give us a final read. Typical duration from taking an X-ray to a read by Teleradiology is 30minutes to 48hrs. Depending on the severity, we can put in a stat read request and your films will be read in less than 30 minutes.

What if i do not have health insurance?

Uninsured patients have two options 1. They can pay out of pocket using our self pay discounted rates 2. They can sign up for one of our discounted access plans To see our self pay rates, on our home page, scroll to the footer and click on self pay on the right hand side of the footer To sign up for a plan, on our home page,click on access plans, choose a plan and sign up.

Is your provider board certified?

Our provider is board certified by the American Boards of Pediatrics and our center is accredited and certified by the National Urgent Care Center Association of America. Our provider and the center meet all standards set by the respective certifying authorities.

Is PedPost Urgent Care associated with Medpost Urgent Care

PedPost Urgent Care is a separate entity and not related to Medstar Urgent Care in any way or form. PedPost Urgent Care's reputation speaks for itself through reviews on facebook, google and yelp. We are your convenient Urgent Care.

Do you offer occupational med services?

We offer occupational health and Travel health services at PedPost Urgent Care. We are a DOT certified facility and also a facility with a civil surgeon for the immigration physicals. To book visit for immigration or DOT physical, click on appointments on our home page, scroll to the physical you want, read more before you book.

How soon can i get my medical records after a visit?

Getting your medical records from PedPost Urgent Care is easier than ever. We encourage you to get your records in one of 3 ways 1. By signing up for our patient portal. After your first visit, our staff sends an email to you requesting you sign up for your patient portal with links and prompts to complete the sign up. Getting your medical records through your portal account is free. 2. You can request we send your medical records by calling 844 PEDPOST or at pedpost.com under the "Patient Access" link but this has an associated fee.

Do i have to make an appointment to be seen at PedPost Urgent Care?

No you do not have to make an appointment on Mondays through Thursdays 10am - 8pm. We are open for walk-ins on these days and times. Fridays and Saturdays are by appointments only. If you walk in on a friday or saturday and our providers are present seeing appointments, we will see you for the walk in. It is best to make an appointment on Fridays or Saturdays to ensure your spot is locked down and you are seen. To make an appointment, click on book visit on our home page.

Can i be seen on Sundays?

Yes, we are open on Sundays for non physician services. Services offered on Sundays includes labs, xrays and certain procedures. We also offer telemedicine services daily via zoom, including Sundays.

Do you offer clinical rotations, externships or observerships at PedPost Urgent Care?

Yes we offer a wide array of clinical rotations including externships and observerships at PedPost Urgent Care. If you are a NP or PA, you may sign up by clicking "Rotations" on our home page under "Opportunities with us".. Pediatric residents, family medicine residents and IMGs may sign up by clicking on "Rotations" on our home page under "Opportunities with us"...

Can i post an ad on your website?

PedPost Urgent Care seeks to partner with others that can make our patient's experience better. You can first become a partner with us then you can post ads on our website at discounted rates. We encourage solo pharmacists, occupational and physical therapists, chiropractors, medical equipments offices, schools and fitness centers to partner with us. To become a PedPost Partner, click on "Partners" under "Opportunities with us" on our home page..

Do you give paper prescription scripts at PedPost Urgent Care?

No we do not give paper scripts because we send all prescriptions electronically including scheduled medications like pain meds. It is convenient and quick. Our front desk staff will ask you for a pharmacy you would like prescriptions sent to and we typically send your prescriptions before you leave.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes we are LGBTQ friendly and we dont ask. We offer comprehensive and holistic care to all patients irrespective of sexual preference or orientation.

Do you offer services to children on the spectrum of Autistic Disorders?

Yes we offer both conventional and non conventional services to children with Autism. We are working on providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy exclusively to children on the spectrum.