• Insurance covered. Results in 10 minutes

    Insurance covered
  • Insurance covered. Results in about 3-7 days.

    Insurance covered
  • Results in 10 minutes

    69.50 US dollars
  • We're contracted with your insurance and not allowed to give discounts

  • Self pay means no insurance or you have medicaid, medicare or kaiser.

    115 US dollars
  • You get any of our rapid tests, UTI screen & more

    145 US dollars
  • You get 2 view Xray, Xray reads, any of our rapid tests and more

    315 US dollars
  • EKGs & X-ray available

    100 US dollars
  • Read more before you book

    325 US dollars
  • EKG & X-ray available

    185 US dollars
  • Bring proof of your diagnosis if it's your first visit

    100 US dollars
  • For established patients (self pay) with chronic medical conditions.

    75 US dollars
  • Zoom Video Conferencing or telephone visit. Insurance covered.

    Copay, Co-insurance
  • X-rays, Ekgs, Lacs and more

    Prices Vary
  • Get a fair, unbiased independent examination

  • Rapid HIV, Chlamydia, BV & Trichomonas. One test per visit.

    145 US dollars
  • General wellness exams, pre-employment and job safety Physicals

    Price Varies
  • Screening, confirmation and report all included. Insurance covered.

    Copay, Co-insurance
  • June - August

    45 US dollars

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